WOD – Sunday 3/10

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, dynamic warm-up and joint mobility as a class

3 to 4 rounds
10e DB SL Romanian deadlift
20 weighted sit-ups
50′ waiters carry each arm
Some GPP work meant to get the body moving and moving well. Take your time here and focus on full ROM.

“Radio Ga Ga”
4 rounds
10 ring dips
20t renegade rows
30 OH lunges w/plate (45/25#)
:40 plank/hollow hold (alternating rounds)
Nothing tricky about the individual movements here, but as they compound on each other this workout will get hard. Make sure that you hold a good plank position in the renegade rows and keep your hips square rather than twist side to side. Every round alternate between a plank hold and a hollow hold.

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