WOD – Sunday 4/21

There is going to be a competitors meeting Saturday, April 27th, upstairs at 9:30am. This meeting is for all current competitors and any current member who might be interested in joining the comp track. If you are thinking about competing in the sport of CrossFit in 2019 or even 2020 then this track of programming is built to help you reach your goals.

Our competitors always take part in normal Port classes but are programmed an extra strength, an additional skill or more conditioning work daily with the purpose of exposing you to all the challenges one might face in a CrossFit competition. We typically workout 5 days a week with rest days on Thursdays and Sundays and we have a competitors slot at 10am on Saturdays where we typically do our partner workout for the week. The added volume is no more than 30 to 45 minutes and can be anything from lifting to gymnastics, conditioning to skill work. If this might be something you’d like to add in please make sure you carve out 30 minutes to attend this meeting.

If you have any questions before Saturday, don’t be afraid to ask. Find me in the gym, or shoot me a message.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 4 min AMRAP
10 push-ups
10 banded high-pulls
10 dislocates
10 air squats

Shoulder mobility

A1. SA DB bench press – 4x8e
One arm should be locked out while the other arm completes all 8 reps, then switch without putting the DB’s down. Make sure you are pushing up, locked out the entire time on the static arm. Do not let that one off the hook just because it’s not doing the “work”
A2. SA banded face pulls – 4x8e
Another unilateral movement, but the correct execution of this one will be much more difficult, so before you grab the thickest possible band, make sure you have it down. If you were to pull the band toward your face with two hands, note the location of your hand and elbow, now try to recreate that movement with just one arm.

4 rounds
8/6 strict pull-ups
16t step-ups (50/35#)(40/25#)
24/20 cals AB
Much lower speed for today, but the intensity will remain high because of how high your heart rate will be. Prioritize full ROM and quality movement. Keep your head down and keep moving.

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