WOD – Sunday 4/7

April challenge, week 1. Done. Did you earn a check mark?

Spend 10 minutes ‘Rowling’
Round 1 – hanging straight leg raises
Round 2 – walking lunges (reps are each leg; if you get 6 cal over, that’s 6 with the right and 6 with the left)
Round 3 – BB push press
Round 4 – strict pull-ups
Round 5 – burpees

Group mobility session

Partner core complex
3 rounds, not for time
10 strict T2B
20 leg throws
1:00 weighted plank

“Highly Taxed”
E4:00 for 20:00 total
30 DU’s
20/16 cals AB
10 burpees
Push this as hard as your body allows. Use Sunday as a day to get your bearings and feel out what the week has done. Come in ready to prep the body for Monday, whatever that might mean for you.

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