WOD – Sunday 5/12

Happy Mother’s day to all of the Port moms. Some of the strongest, hardest working, dedicated people I have ever had the chance to meet. I hope the dads give you an hour to come in and sweat together. If not, come in anyways and bring your kids, Coach Tom will watch them for you.

2 rounds
200m run
10 Russian KBS
10 goblet squats
10 push-ups
10 sit-ups

Group mobility session

A1. Single leg RDL’s – 3x8e
A2. Goblet lunges – 3x16t
RDL set up
1. Start with your feet under your hips and maintain a neutral spine
2. Hold the DB with the same hand as the leg that is traveling back
3. Bend one knee to lift that foot off of the floor
4. Hinge at your hips and reach your elevated leg back behind you while squeezing the glute and pointing the toe
5. Feel your weight shift to your heel in your planted foot as you hinge

Your priority should be keeping the spine neutral throughout the entire lift. If at any point you feel your spine start to round, modify your range of motion to a point where you can move with a completely neutral spine. You do not have to touch the DB to the ground. You do however have to control the tempo, nice and slow.

“Momma Bird”
Every 4 minutes for 16 min total
400m run
Right into max :30 on AB
Rest the rest of the interval
Interval training at its finest. You can come in and really push this WOD to severely increase the intensity or if it is the end of your week come in and downshift for some active recovery. Either way, hold yourself accountable to whatever pace you pick. If this is a day that you rely on to come in and sweat, then push each run and sprint each bike interval.

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