WOD – Sunday 5/13

Spend 2 minuts in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
Farmer carry – down & back length of gym
Waiter carry – down & back length of gym (switch arms 1/2 way)
10 Russian KBS
10 goblet squats
10 down dog push-ups

Keg drill

OHS – build to a heavy triple
*less experienced athletes can perform a 6 min EMOM where you perform 3 OHS EMOM.
Again with the second track for inexperienced athletes. People who cannot complete the movement to full ROM should work on it. No front squats, no OH lunges. Work on the mobility, grab something light and complete an EMOM.

“On hold”
1 round AFAP
60 OtB burpees
30 OHS (135/95#)
15:00 time cap
In the workout, the OHS can be scaled to a front squat. These should be done in no more/less than 3 big sets. Load the bar accordingly.

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