WOD – Sunday 5/28

Remember Murph is tomorrow and heats will begin at 8:30. There is no excuse that I see which is going to get you out of this one this year. Unless you are out of town. Break it up, do a Mini Murph, tackle it with a partner, just come and get a sweat on. Potluck brunch will immediately follow. So at least we have that.

That being said, today is a tricky day to program if you plan on coming. However, I feel like I have come up with a good one. I know there are pull-ups today, substitute ring rows if you are going for Murph.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, PVC mobility as a class
Any other mobility you might need; hips, ankles, shoulders
CFP snatch warm-up with a focus on snatch balances and OHS

E:90 for 9 min total
1 squat snatch
*build or stay across
Those who cannot squat snatch can substitute a power snatch and an OHS. If you cannot OHS then a power snatch every :90.

“Dirt Road”
18 min AMRAP
800m row
40 KBS
20 pull-ups
10 burpees over the rower
Long one here but because of the row, it’s very manageable. People who are nervous about jumping over the rower can simply do regular burpees.

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