WOD – Sunday 7/1

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, dynamic warm-up as a class
Group joint mobility

3 rounds
10e strict T2B
20e leg throws
30t med ball sit-ups
Partner core fun.

“Tip the Balance”
20 min EMOM
Min 1 – 12 sit-ups
Min 2 – 10t DB step ups
Min 3 – 12/10 cals on AB
Min 4 – 10 devils press
Min 5 – rest
The devil’s press. Let’s try it. Burpee onto the DB’s, jump the feet up and then swing them through the legs and then over the head in one motion. People should go much, much lighter on these. New movement, but very similar movement patterns.
You could have two sets of dumbbells. One for step ups and one for the devil’s press.

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