WOD – Sunday 7/7

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Walking lunges
Russian KBS

Quick mobility session

Hollow hold
Heavy plate hold, farmer position
The farmers hold will be up to you. Grab something heavy/challenging and hold it for the working portion of the TABATA. There will be no walking, so find 2 plates (45/25#) and hold the tops for the working portion. You are not allowed to hold anywhere else, no cheating.

“An invasion”
1 mile run
50t DB snatches (50/35#)(40/25#)
800m run
40t goblet lunges
Treat the runs as an opportunity to push and a chance to get the heart rate down before coming inside. If you break them up into 4 equal parts you can find a way to pace each one separately. For example, when you go to run the mile, start off at a good clip and once you get to halfway to the stop sign start to slow a bit and settle into a good pace. When you are getting close to finishing, start to work on controlling your breathing and slowing your heart rate. That way you can come in and get right to work.

The 2 dumbbell movements are similar to running. They are not necessarily challenging strength wise but will require a bit of pacing to keep moving. Understand that you aren’t going to fail a DB snatch or a goblet lunge so why not hang on and keep moving.

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