WOD – Sunday 7/30

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 Russian KBS
8 goblet squats
6 burpees

Banded shoulder mobility

Strict press – 5×3; building to a heavy triple
Make it as close to a 3RM as possible.

Teams of 2
200 cals AB
100 burpee to a plate, plate on a box (45/25#)(30/24″)
Movement demo #3 for the week, so many coaches videos, hopefully, you’ve enjoyed watching them as much as we have enjoyed filming them. Burpee to a plate, which is on an ambit, stand up and put the plate on a box (30/24”), your partner will take the plate off the box, complete a burpee and put it back on top. The rep is completed each time the plate is put on top of the box.
This WOD can be completed in any order and in any rep scheme. Break it up however you want, but only one partner works at a time, and burpees need to be done 1 and 1.

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