WOD – Sunday 8/4

3 rounds
200/150m row
10 push-ups
10 lunges

Quick mobility session

Core Complex 2.0
:12 hollow hold
:12 v-ups
:12 hollow hold
:12 crunches
:12 hollow hold
:12 butt lifts
:12 hollow hold
:12 hollow rocks
:12 hollow hold
:12 butterfly kicks
:12 hollow hold
x2. Then finish w/30 side plank extensions, both sides

“Mass Effect”
5 rounds
50m famers carry
250m row
20 push-ups
Rest 1:30 after each round
Each round should take between 2 and 3 minutes. If they are taking any longer cut down the work. If the work to rest ratio isn’t right you won’t reach the right stimulus. Maybe chop down the number of push-ups or shorten the row. Last to go will be the farmers carry.

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