WOD – Sunday 9/8

Spend 2 minutes on a rower
Then, 2 or 3 rounds
15 banded pull-throughs
10 sumo squats
:30 hollow hold

Posterior chain prep for strength

Sumo deadlift – 3×3; AHAP
Because the set-up is so different, super wide stance, really close grip and a much more upright torso takes a lot of pressure off the lower back and really emphasizes proper quad and glute activation. You will feel different muscles working in the sumo vs. a conventional deadlift so some of us will really excel in this set-up while others will be better at the other form of the deadlift. Look back to June 3rd and try to build a rep scheme based on those numbers.

“Crying Shame”
Every 3 minutes for 18 minutes total Alternate between A and B
A. 200m KB farmers carry; AHAP
B. 15/12 cals row + 15 Russian KBS
You must complete either A or B in the 3 minutes, so scale your weights and reps accordingly. Even if that means carrying much lighter DB’s on the FC, getting in the door with a little time to rest is a must. The same thing is going to apply to B as well. If the cals on the rower or the reps on the KB do not allow you some rest time, scale them down for survival purposes. Having a good idea of what you are capable of and creating a plan based on that will really help make this workout a great Sunday fitness party.

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