WOD – Thursday 1/10

Spend 10 minutes having fun
Then, 2 rounds of
1:00 on the bike
10 broad jumps
10 mountain climbers
10 squat jumps
10 sit-ups

Quick mobility blast

“Category 3”
Teams of 3
30 min AMRAP
11 T2B
20 air squats
16 RKBS (70/53#)
The team must complete 600 DU’s before the time is up. Only during that time can 2 people work at the same time. 1 on the rounds and 1 on the DU’s.
This workout will be fun. For the first part of the workout, 2 people can be working. 1 person on the 3 movements and 1 person on the DU’s. When you want to switch, you must figure out who is going where. At no point can all three people be working at the same time. And whoever is working on the movements must finish the full round before tagging in their partner. If you do finish the DU’s towards the beginning, then 2 people will be resting while one is working.

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