WOD – Thursday 1/3

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, coach driven warm-up
deadlift – hang clean – clean
Front rack lunges
Press – push press – jerk

Front rack and OH mobility session

The split jerk – spend 15 minutes working on improving your lift
Today is a day where weight on the bar is not going to matter. In fact, you do not need to even put it into Wodify. However, the comments will be much more useful. The strength session today should be used to get better at a very difficult lift.

In the past, we have been really drilling in the dip and drive. The importance of using the posterior chain for power and how critical it is to stay stacked as you drive momentum into the bar. Today, we are going to focus on what happens from there. Today we are going to really try to move the bar from the rack (point A) to a strong OH position (point B) in a straight line. Not around the face, but just passed the nose. Remember, a straight line is a strong line.

“Take your medicine”
With a buddy, AFAP
100 C2B
80 T2B
40 clean and jerks (205/155#)
Resting partner must be holding the BB in a deadlift for work to count. No reps will accumulate with the barbell sitting on the floor. Once you get to the C&J’s then you can alternate as you see fit. Resting partner actually rests.

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