WOD – Thursday 1/31

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then PVC mobility as a class
The Port’s snatch warm-up

Weightlifting complex – 1 snatch + 1 hang snatch
*15 min to build to a heavy weight
A 2 position snatch. Can be power or squat. Work on your weaknesses. So if you are uncomfortable with the squat snatch, make one of them a squat snatch. One of the best opportunities to focus on getting under the bar is when there is very little else to think about. Really committing to receiving the bar in an active OH position with the hips below parallel. The hang position provides that opportunity, just saying.

“Better Off”
20 min EMOM w/a partner
15 wall balls
5 burpees
*switch every minute, but while one partner works the other partner must hang on the bar. Rest the remainder of the minute.
So every minute one partner must complete 15 wall balls and 5 burpees. For the reps to count, the other partner must be hanging from the pull-up bar. When P1 is done with the work, both partners can rest until the top of the next minute. 20 rounds between the two of you.

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