WOD – Thursday 10/17

1000m C2 bike, 800m run, 750m row or ski

10 minute stretch session
Calf, hamstring, glutes and hips

“Exercise Counselor”
:45 work/:15 rest
Complete 5 rounds
1. Row or Ski
2. Ball Slams
3. Ab or C2 bike
4. Walking lunges
5. Rest
Intended Stimulus – low and slow. Light aerobic work to move the body, elevate the HR and flush the system.
Active rest day that can be made into a very, very hard workout depending on your plan and when you are going to hit 20.2. If you are going tomorrow, come in and flush the system with a controlled pace, monitoring your effort level through your breathing and heart rate. If you aren’t going to attempt 20.2 till Saturday or Sunday, then come in and really give this one hell.

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