WOD – Thursday 10/31

Happy Halloween!!!

3 to 4 rounds
:30 on any machine
10 banded pull-throughs
10 sumo deadlifts w/KB
:30 hanging hold in knee tuck or L-sit position

Posterior chain prep

Every :90 complete for 6 rounds
5 deadlifts
:20 hollow hold
First 2 rounds deadlifts should be at 65%
Middle two rounds deadlifts should be at 70%
Last two rounds, deadlifts should be at 75%
Plenty of time to get the work done, so make sure the deadlift weights match the percentages. Working on moving the bar with purpose today and if 20.3 was too heavy for you, this is day 1 of making sure that doesn’t happen next year.

“Standing Pat”
Teams of 3
240/200 cals AB
160 burpees
80 strict pull-ups
Intended stimulus – the sprints on the bike should be best recreated the entirety of this workout. The intensity of the assault bike with 3 person teams should be the baseline for how to break up the rest of this WOD. As soon as you feel it slipping, it is time to switch.
Teams of 3, so make sure everyone is doing their job, you are rotating efficiently and when it comes time to work, you are moving intensely.

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