WOD – Thursday 11/14

This week and for the rest of November, we are going to focus on a foundation in gymnastics. Looking to give our bodies some time off from the heavy barbell (minus one day a week) to recover from the last 5 weeks while also developing some strength and skill in some of the areas where you might have found some weakness.

2 rounds with monster band
10 plank walks left
10 push-ups
10 plank walks right
10 shoulder taps
1 round
10 pike push-ups

Banded shoulder mobility

The handstand push-up – work on positioning and accumulating a little volume in any of the following options
A. Strict HSPU’s – 5 sets of 3 to 8 reps
B. HS negatives + DB strict press – complete 5 rounds of 2 or 3 negatives as slowly as possible and 4 to 6 seated DB strict press, AHAP
C. Seated DB strict press and HS hold – complete 5 rounds of 6 to 8 stead DB strict press and a :30 HS hold

“Leaning Tower”
10 rounds
14/12 cals row
7 HSPU’s
1 rope climb
Each partner completes a full round before switching
Intended Stimulus – very similar to yesterday’s pace, you will have a 1:1 work to rest ration so when its your turn to go, go hard.

Make sure you have appropriate scaling progression if you are not ready to take on all those HSPU’s and/or rope climbs. You shouldn’t be resting all that much, so make the movements challenging but not so hard that you have to break them up or take too long in between.

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