WOD – Thursday 11/21

PortSwole was released last year directly after The Open with the intent of giving our bodies a little time to rest and recover from the full-body, multi-jointed lifts found in our everyday programming. The goal was not to improve your overall fitness, but rather to take some time to build strength in a different way. The tank top and a jug of water way. The “I pick things up and put them down” way. The “I am not here to get huge, I am just here to get swole” way. It was easily our most popular specialty course and it’s back!

PortSwole is a 3 day a week program that can be used in addition to your fitness plan or independently. Each swole session is 60 to 90 minutes of pure work with the intent of building muscle and getting ripped. Each day will attack a different part of the body and include some movements that you are used to while introducing you to lots of new ones. All of which can be done by someone of any fitness and ability level.

The swole train will leave the station starting Monday, November 25th and can be purchased in 4 or 8-week segments.

Membership Options:
4 weeks – 3 days of programming each week – $100 per athlete
8 weeks – 3 days of programming each week – $160 per athlete

Fill out the form below to register. Email Sophie or Justin if you have any questions. Thank you!


Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 ring rows
10 push-ups
:20 ring support hold

Rotational work to prep shoulders

Muscle-up work
Work on transitions for the beginning of this skill session. Then, find a group that helps you develop a little bit of strength in this movement.
Group A: Strict muscle-up work – complete 1 to 3 strict muscles-ups EMOM for 8 minutes total
Group B: Muscle-up transitions + ring dips – complete 2 transitions and 2 to 4 ring dips EMOM for 8 minutes total
Group C: Ring rows + close grip push-ups – complete 5 strict ring rows and 5 push-ups EMOM for 8 minutes total

So building this to be productive is going to based on a couple of things.
1. Your current ability level with the movement.
2. Your goals.
You must scale this session based on what you can currently do and hold yourself accountable to using this time to be productive. Make this really hard and challenge yourself to get better at something very high skill. But you should also consider your goals. If you have no interest in a muscle-up, you can still work on gymnastics strength during this session by keeping things strict and completing 2 to 4 pulls and 2 to 4 dips. If you do want a muscle-up, make sure you really dial in the positions and focus on the basics before you try to tackle the highest skilled movement on the rig.

“Shell Shocked”
3 rounds each
1:00 ME SA DB S2OH
1:00 ME sit-ups w/DB
1:00 ME cals row
Partner 1 rests while partner 2 completes all three movements (3:00 of rest).
Teammate Thursdays are back and thank goodness, am I right? I think over the course of the Open it was the most asked question. Not how should I tackle this workout, not do you think I should redo a workout, but will partner WOD’s go back to Thursdays once the Open is over? Yes, guys, it will and it has!
Intended stimulus – as it is with all partner WOD’s, sprint and rest is the layout. But today the sprint is a little bit longer and so is the rest. You will be getting a 1:1 work to rest ratio so pushing each minute of your working phase will be important. How many reps can you and your partner accumulate over the 6 rounds?

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