WOD – Thursday 11/29

General warm-up
Med ball partner warm-up
10 chest pass
10 burpee chest pass
10e side twist pass
10e hollow hold side pass
10 squat throws

Med ball clean prep and warm-up
10 med ball deadlifts
10 stand and shrugs
10 front squats
10 pull-unders
10 full med ball cleans

“Way Up”
With a buddy
100 walking lunges
200 push-ups
200 med ball cleans
200 pull-ups
100 walking lunges
Might be the coolest WOD of the week. Everything is body weight with exception of the med ball cleans, obviously, and the reps are broken up however they see fit, one person working at a time. Again full range of motion is healthy and functional, regardless of not hitting standards, so hold yourself accountable.

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