WOD – Thursday 11/7

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds with a monster band
10 steps left
10 squats
10 steps right
10 glute bridges

The Port squat mobility series

Back squat – 3×6; all reps done between 75 and 80%
Heavy back squat session for the week. Build up to something around 80% and try to complete all sets of 6 at that same weight.

“Unnecessary Correction”
4 rounds
20 pull-ups
40 sit-ups
60 DU’s
250m row
Intended stimulus – very similar to yesterday with a little more volume so instead of moving around 80%, try to find out what 75% looks and feels like.
Today’s focus is to come out a little slower than you normally would, complete the first round and try to make all 4 rounds record the same time. Your overall goal is to not finish round 1 in 5 minutes and round 4 in 8 minutes.

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