WOD – Thursday 11/17

Start on a foam roller for 3 minutes, then 3 rounds of
:20 on a bike
14 sit-ups
12 Russian KBS (moderate weight)
10 wall balls
8e OH lunge w/your wall ball

Wall ball shoulder stretch

3 rounds
A1. DB strict press – 6 to 8 each side; AHAP
A2. DB suit case hold lunges – 10 each side; AHAP
A3. Weighted plank hold – 1:00; AHAP

“Kill a Word”
25 min AMRAP w/partner
2000m on rower switching every 250m
Then, w/time remaining; One round through by partner 1 and then a full round done by partner 2.
30t OH lunges (65/55#)
20 push press
10 T2B
*the form on the OH lunges must be perfect. Think about grip width and placement of the bar. Work on maintaining an active position throughout the entire movement. Do not over extend the spine and do not let the bar move from slightly behind the ears.

Accessory Work
3 rounds
10 bent over rows
10 back extensions

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