WOD – Thursday 11/2

3 things…
1. How did day one of the first lifestyle challenge go for you? Devices down.
2. Remember, there is an 8am class on Tuesday and Friday.
3. PortComplete. Have you signed up?

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
5 clean and jerks
5 burpee step-ups
5 ring rows

Banded shoulder mobility

Team Series WOD #5
20 min AMRAP
7 clean and jerks
9 burpee box jumps*
12 pull-ups
Rotate through a full round each.
Rx partner – 155/105#, 24/20”
Scaled partner – 115/80#, 20/16” and ring rows
*Step-ups are allowed and you must reach full extension at the top
Last one. As many rounds as possible switching back and forth. Round for round.

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