WOD – Thursday 11/9

The first week in over a month with no Team Series WOD on Thursday. Remember, in-house competition next Thursday the 16th at 6pm. Even if you didn’t participate in the team series, you can come and throwdown. Pizza and beer afterward!

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, PVC mobility as a class
CFP snatch warm-up with OHS focus

8 min EMOM
Weightlifting complex – 1 hang snatch pull + 1 hang snatch + 1 OHS
*there will be a :03 pause in the catch position of the snatch (power or squat) and at the bottom of the OHS
So one snatch grip deadlift, a hang snatch pull, a hang snatch (power or squat) with a pause in the catch, then an OHS with a pause in the hole. Because the movements are so difficult and technical, weight doesn’t matter. You should work on staying light and snappy rather than “maxing out”.

14 min AMRAP
10 squat snatches (155/105#)(115/75#)
15 burpees
20/15 cals on rower
*if you cannot squat snatch, then your workout looks like this…
10 power snatches
10 OHS
15 burpees
20/15 cals on the rower
I tried to discuss the importance of recognizing that in workouts we do no ‘practice’ movements. WOD’s are where we train, practice is done at a very low heart rate and with very little weight. So looking at WOD’s that include very difficult move like the OHS, people who have difficulty with them have a couple of choices.
1. If mobility issues prevent you from completing the movement, you can simply scale the OHS to another version of the squat. Because guess what, a squat is a squat is a squat. Working through a shortened range of motion while holding a bar overhead is far less beneficial then completing a challenging front squat or goblet squat.
2. If strength is your limiting factor, simply scale the weight. Let’s be clear though. To determine if strength is the issue, grab a PVC and complete 10 perfect OHS with a coach watching. You get the go-ahead, simply go lighter and crush those overheads.

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