WOD – Thursday 12/19

10 minutes to play

12 minutes max
A1. Seated DB strict press – 4×10
A2. 100’ DB uneven carry (1 DB locked out OH and 1 DB in the front rack)
A3. :30 side plank (each side)

“Read at Night”
20 min AMRAP w/a partner…
DB snatch (50/35#)(40/25#)
DB step-ups (24/20”)(20/16”)
DB OH walking lunge
Intended stimulus – sprint intervals. One partner working at a time, split the work up however you want. As you complete rounds, the reps increase. So round one you do 10 of everything TOTAL. Then round two you are responsible for 20 reps of each TOTAL.

Each movement is done with 1 DB where you have to alternate arms every rep in the snatches and legs every rep in the step-ups. Hold the DB however you want however as long as it does not rest on your legs. With the OH lunges, every leg counts as one, but the DB must be locked out overheard for them to count.

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