WOD – Thursday 12/26

7am, 9am, Noon, 4:15pm ONLY today.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 or 3 rounds, coach led
10t DB strict press
100’ waters carry (50 down/50 back), switching halfway
10 push-ups
10 ring rows

Banded shoulder and rotation drills to prep for strength

A1. Weighted chin-ups – 5 sets at a heavy weight
A2. Floor press – 5×10
A different spin on the old push/pull. When we have an A1/A2 set-up, A1 is the priority and is usually a barbell movement, for example the strict press. Then A2 is the accessory movement in which we usually work on strict pull-up strength. Today, they are swapped. A1 is still the priority but it is the weighted chin-up. You will be finding a heavy weight for 5 and then complete 5 sets of 5 with that heavy weight. In between sets of chin-ups, you will complete a set of 10 floor presses.

“Sleigh Ride”
20 min AMRAP w/a partner
30 DU’s
200/150m row
10 burpees over the rower
You go, I go. Yup, the whole thing.
Intended stimulus – since you are doing a full round before getting rest, it is not recommended that you come out at 100%. However, since your partner will also be doing a full round, you will be getting a good amount of rest before you ahem to go again, so “settling into a pace” isn’t recommended either. Come out the gate between 85 and 90% and try to hold on until you tag in your buddy.

Try to accomplish all rounds in 2 minutes or less.

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