WOD – Thursday 3/12

3 rounds of increasing intensity
10/8 cals row
10 light wall balls
10 step-ups/box jump-overs

Quick group mobility session

“Team Audition”
Must record 155/130/125 (male/male, male/female, female/female) calories on the rower, alternate between A and B until completion.
1:30 periods of work
A. 15 wall balls
ME cals on rower
B. 20 box jumps overs
ME cals on rower
Partner 1 completes A while partner 2 rests. Then, partner 2 completes A while partner 1 rests. The same format for B. Repeat until all calories are completed. All teams will be capped at 5 times through A and B each.
Intended stimulus – this one will be a tricky one. You need to really push your pace in both pieces of each. Get through the wall balls or box jump-overs as quickly as you can, then really hammer the row with whatever time you have remaining. This will help you and your partner accumulate as many calories as possible in the little time you have to work with. If you coast at all, you won’t get the work done needed and might not finish this workout before the 30-minute cap.

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