WOD – Thursday 3/14

Rowling – 4 rounds only today done w/an empty BB
Round 1 – deadlifts
Round 2 – hang cleans
Round 3 – push press
Round 4 – clean and jerks

Quick stretch as a group

Clean and Jerk – before warming up, spend some time really working on the performance cue of the day.

Since we will be completing 5 clean and jerks in the WOD per round, it makes sense to work on your efficiency moving the barbell through TnG reps. Start to dial in how to catch the bar in the clean and use the drive to begin your jerk. Take this time to build up in weight slowly as you get comfortable at each weight. Then build up past the weight you plan on using in the WOD to prep the body for the workout.

“Storm’s a Comin'”
5 min AMRAP
Max farmers carry
Rest 5:00
20 min AMRAP
20/16 cal row
5 clean and jerks (155/105#)(135/95#)
5 bar facing burpees
*switch every round
Not much strategy to this one, just be smart with pacing and rely on your partner.

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