WOD – Thursday 3/7

:30 on a bike at an easy pace
10 snatch grip deadlifts
10 back squats
10 strict press
:30 on a bike at a moderate pace
10 hang high pulls
10 back rack lunges
10 shoulder taps
:30 on a bike at a battle pace
10 hang power snatches
10 OHS
10 sit-ups

Full on mobility blast as a group

Warm up the hang power snatch
Go through the warm-up and start building in weight. Not a very heavy lift in the WOD, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to take the time and add weight efficiently. Think about what we focused on during our lifting session on Tuesday. Being efficient in both directions will really help you string together some reps here.

“We will rock you”
3 rounds
2:00 at each station for reps
Box jumps (24/20”)
Russian KBS (70/53#)(53/35#)
Hang power snatches (115/75)(95/65#)
*split work up however you want, no programmed reps
This one will come down to smart transitions. Two minutes is a very long time when you are the one working for reps. So think about what is the smartest way to approach this workout.

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