WOD – Thursday 3/2

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then some PVC mobility as a class
CFP snatch warmup
*make sure to prioritize the mobility you need based on your plan in the strength.
Everyone needs shoulder and hamstring work, but those of you who plan on squat snatching need to open your hips a lot more.

Snatch 15 EMOM:
First 5 min – 3 snatches (70-80%)
Second 5 min – 2 snatches (80-90%)
Last 5 minutes – 1 snatch (90%+)
*TnG isn’t required but there should be less than :10 between the end of your last rep and the completion of your next one.
If you are going to power snatch, all #’s are off their 1RM power snatch. The same is true if you plan on squat snatching, use your 1RM squat snatch to develop that plan.

“The walking dead”
20 min AMRAP
10 OH walking lunges down (53/35#)(35/26#)
*left arm only
10 burpees
10 OH walking lunges back
*right arm only
10 C2B
The open workout from last year, as a partner WOD. Totally different WOD because of a change in pace. One DB or KB overhead at a time. P1 does all of 1 round and then you switch.

Accessory Work
Breathing work –
5 rounds on AB
:20 hard/:40 coast

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