WOD – Thursday 4/26

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds for quality
15 air squats
20′ monster walk left
20′ monster walk right
15 walking lunges

Quick group mobility anything extra per the individual if needed

A1. Lateral box step ups – 3x8e
A2. Renegade rows – 3x10e
A3. Hollow holds – clusters (:10 on/:10 off) 3 clusters after every round
1. Lateral box step ups are done by standing parallel to your box and stepping up. All rules apply from the weighted step-ups like not using the back foot. Not leaning into the movement. Also, since these are body weight, picking a higher box is possible.
2. Renegade rows, in the plank position with DB’s in each hand, complete the rowing portion of the man-maker. Talk about staying tight and keeping the hips squat, not dipping them side to side. Feet should stay planted, and you should resist twisting by using your core muscles, not by shifting your feet.
3. Hollow hold cluster is :10 on/:10 off/:10 on/:10 off/:10 on. Rest for 2:00 and go back to A1.

“No Icing”
20 min AMRAP, with a buddy
400m row
20t DB SA hang clean and jerks (50/35#)(40/25#)
*P1 completes a full round then tags P2 in
Odd movement of the week. Same idea as the movement found in the open, but it is single arm. Make sure you start light and practice these before you jump into the WOD.

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