WOD – Thursday 4/5

Some fun movements for today. Did you see the PortMove dedicated to each?

Link: Single Arm Banded Dumbbell Press

Link Dumbbell Complex

Sign into Wodify and spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
10 push-ups
:20 HS holds
10 ring rows
:20 bar hang

Coaches choice to prep for press, quick session

A1. SA DB strict press, w/band – 6 to 8 each side, x5. Tempo X130
A2. Banded rows – 3×12; AHAP
For A1, the band will be wrapped around the handle of the DB while the athlete steps on the opposite end. The band will put a tremendous amount of resistance at the top of this movement so be ready for it. Start light and focus on the tempo. Explode up, one-second rest at the top, 3 seconds down, no rest between reps.
For A2, the band will be wrapped around the rig around knee height. Sitting, facing the rig with your legs fully extended and your back nice and straight, pull your elbows into your sides and the band to your rib cage.

“None and done”
3 rounds
50 box jumps
50 DB complex (50/35#)(40/25#)
50/40 cals AB
30:00 time cap
*DB complex is 1 squat thrust on the DB’s + 1 DB deadlift + 1 DB hang squat clean
Squat thrust is a burpee with no push-up. So the complex is kind of like a manmaker without the hardest parts.

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