WOD – Thursday 4/27

Main site workout today. Meaning CrossFit corporate came up with this one. The reason I like it so much is because, at first glance, the weights and movements seem intimidating, but if we work our way through the progressions, we can make it very approachable to everyone despite your experience level.

Dynamic warm-up with full joint mobility
Spiderman stretch, pigeon and child’s pose

HS walking and progressions
Here is challenge number 1. This is going to be The Port’s movement hierarchy for the HS walk. Work your way through these to determine the best approach for the workout.
1. Bear crawl – double the distance, so 80’
2. HS holds on the wall or piked on a box – :45
3. Shoulder taps on the wall or piked on a box – 20t
4. Walking while piked on a box. Once around in 1 direction, then once around in the opposite direction.
5. Wall walks – 4
6. Rx HS walks

Clean and Jerk – 10 minutes to warm-up past a weight you plan on using in the WOD

5 rounds
4 cleans and jerks (225/155#)(185/125#)
6 bar muscle ups
40’ HS walk
*today is all about how to approach this main site workout based on the individual. We will fill the entire hour going over what’s to be expected and how each should scale the movements to meet those expectations.

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