WOD – Thursday 5/3

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Front squat mobility
Then, 3 rounds off the rack w/ascending weight
10 front squats
10t front rack lunges
10 S2OH (press, push press, push jerk)

A1. Front squat – 5×5 @60% w/:02 in the hole.
A2. Banded leg curls – 5×15
Speed day. Might be done before or after WOD. Up to your coaches. Either way, front squats should be fast and deliberate. When working on speed, we are trying to make gains in the explosive department, NOT the strength. When the bar is too heavy, and the weight prevents fast movement, it doesn’t produce the right stimulus. What is too heavy? It can all be determined when you go to stand up out of the hole. If it is slow and a struggle, it is not a speed day and it is too heavy. Taking some weight off the bar isn’t going to take away from their results, it’s only going to help improve them.

“Primary Suspect”
Wall balls
400m run each after every round
The work can be split up however you want, the runs are 200m relays. So 400m total. Grind it out.

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