WOD – Thursday 5/18

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
3 rounds
10 KBS
10 goblet squats
10 push-ups

Spend 2 minutes in the bottom of the squat w/KB in goblet position.
Then, 5 minutes in couch stretch and mobilizing ankles.

Front squats – 5×3 between 80 and 85%
Warm it up and spend all 5 sets between 80 and 85%. Make sure you are taking at least 2:00 rest between sets.

“Deadline Missed”
With a partner complete 20 rounds
5 deadlifts (275/185#)(225/155#)
6 C2B
7 HSPU’s
Partner 1 does a full round while partner 2 rests. Then you switch. Every time a round is completed, it counts as 1. Make sure the movements are scaled appropriately. Since the reps are small and it’s important to get your partner back in as quickly as possible, you should scale it to the hardest possible progression. But, the movements should remain unbroken for as much of the workout as possible.

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