WOD – Thursday 6/13

3 to 5 rowing intervals increasing in intensity
Think between 10 and 20 calories pushing each on to increase the heart rate and prime the system
2 rounds
10 push-ups
10 ring rows

Group mobility session

“Get Down”
Partner WOD Thursdays
100 cals AB
50 burpee box jump overs
100 cals ski
50 burpee box jump overs
100 cals row
This can be done in any order on the machines to allow for each group to get on the ski erg. Split the work however you want but obviously, only one person can be working at a time. This is going to take some time so pace it out from the very beginning and rely on your partner for a little rest.

Beach Body
3-4 rounds
10 reverse curls
10 OH tricep ext
20 banded ab pull-downs
Some post class bodybuilding work.

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