WOD – Thursday 6/25

Spend 2:00 in Z1
Then, PVC mobility as a class
The Port snatch warm-up

EMOM for 5 minutes
1 high hang squat snatch
1 hang squat snatch
1 squat snatch
Add weight each successful round, but keep overall load to a moderate level.
5 rounds
10e SA DB high pulls
15 banded pull-apart complexes
20t banded rows in plank position

6 min AMRAP…
Squat snatches (95/65#)(75/55#)(65/45#)
Rest 2:00, repeat
The squat snatch is hard enough with a PVC never mind with any weight. Now pair it with a particularly high skill gymnastics movement that requires a tremendous amount of should strength and endurance. You have a recipe for a pretty tough workout regardless of the weight on the bar. Be smart here and have an idea of how you want to approach the workout. Set yourself up for success.

6 min AMRAP…
DB snatches (total)
Goblet squats
Laying toe touches or T2B
Rest 2:00, repeat

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