WOD – Thursday 7/4

Happy Fourth of July Porters!!!!

Remember, only 7/8/9am classes today.

Spend 5 min with the med ball clean
10 med ball deadlifts
10 med ball front squats
10 stand and shrugs
10 med ball cleans

5 min AMRAP
5 shuttle sprints
10 med ball cleans
5 shuttle sprints
10 sit-ups

Full mobility session; couch, spiderman, and pigeon

Clean and push jerk – warm up the movement and prep for the WOD
Complete 4 sets of 5 TnG; building in weight
Not so much a strength session, but more of a movement prep for the WOD. Since you are required to do 4 sets and there are 4 differentiations weights used in the WOD, maybe we should warm up and try to hit each one before the workout actually begins. That way you will have the required weight for the workout and you will have felt a clean and jerk at each. Sounds like a nice little Thursday.

30 min AMRAP
Teams of 3
15/12 cals row
10 med ball cleans
5 clean and jerks
Partners complete full rounds while others rest. Weight increases after each partner has completed 2 rounds
We should call this one full send, but I won’t because I don’t even really know what that means. What I do know is that you need to push this one from the very beginning because you are going to have two buddies waiting to get their fitness on. With each partner completing a full round you will have plenty of time to rest, so come out hot and stay hot for the entirety of this 30 min workout.

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