WOD – Thursday 6/6

400m run

Quick calf and hamstring stretch

The rowing stroke
A good opportunity to check in and refocus on what a good, full pull looks and feels like. In a WOD where there is a considerable amount of rowing, making a small change might help be more efficient.

Something we see a lot as coaches is how quickly you let the hips fly open. Try to think about your torso as the hands of a clock. In the catch position, our torso should be 11 o’clock. We should drive with our legs trying to keep our torso at 11 until we hit full extension and then move to 1 o’clock. Then we finish the stroke by pulling with your arms. When we let the hips fly open too early we go from 11 to 1 before the legs are done pushing and we lose a ton of power. See if you can notice whether or not you commit this foul and try to fix it in a few strokes in the warm-up.

“Triple Trees”
30 min AMRAP
1000m row
100 DU’s
1000m run
*split between you and your favorite workout partner
Can be split up however you want, but be smart because this workout is pretty long and each chunk takes a good deal of time. So break it up so that you never lose your pace. As soon as you start to slow down, you’ve waited too long to tag your partner in.

Core Work
8 min EMOM
Evens – plank hold
Odds – glute bridge hold
A coach will start a clock and you are going to complete this post-class. Good core finisher and fits right into your week. Don’t skip it.

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