WOD – Thursday 6/1

In the month of June, we will be running a gym wide challenge. You will start to see a lot more of these challenges but each month will have a different goal and therefore how you participate is up to you. This month we are going to see if we can spend 25 hours in the L-sit position as a gym. Which means that if we have 50 members accumulate 1:00 each day we will reach our goal. All you have to do is grab the parallette bars before or after class and spend as much time in the L-sit position, or a progression of the L-sit position, and mark your time on the board. The progressions of the L-sit are described below. If you plan on participating every day, taking a picture of video on day one and then another on day 30 would be a very cool way to compare your improvement. Good luck and go get those L-sits.

Feet on Ground – keeping your feet on the ground, practice pushing your hands down into the parallettes with your shoulders away from your ears. Make sure to keep your butt directly beneath your shoulders.
Alternating Feet – start in the position you just worked on. Bring one foot off the ground at a time, maintaining the angle in your knee. Don’t lean your chest forward to meet your knee.
Tuck Position – the next step is the tuck. Work on bringing both feet up at once. If you have trouble with this, first work on coming on to your toes and working on bringing one leg up at a time until you can get into a full tuck position.
Slight Alternating Leg Extension – from the tuck position, work on extending one leg at a time. The key here is not to try to fully extend your leg at first. Just widen the angle of your knee, and work on that over time.
Full Alternating Leg Extension – work on fully extending one leg at a time, holding each side for at least 5 seconds.
Full L-Sit – now, you’re ready to work on the full L-Sit, extending both legs at a time while keeping the rest of your body solidly in position.

3 rounds
400/300/200m jog
10/15/20 light wall balls
10 step ups

Box mobility as a class

“Work Trip”
Every 5 minutes for 30 minutes
10 man makers (35/20#)
200m run
Woof. Long WOD for the week. There will be a running clock for 30:00, every 5:00 you must complete 10 man makers and a 200m run. The manmakers are lighter this week because, one, the last time we did man makers form didn’t hold up throughout the entirety of the workout and 2, ten is a ton. Make sure we are bracing and breathing throughout the movement and setting our back before cleaning the dumbbells. If there isn’t enough time per the individual, decrease the number of reps, not the weight. 5 with 15# is a lot more beneficial than 10 with 8#.

Post class if needed.
Core complex – Gymnastics based
3 to 5 rounds
:05 hollow hold
5 crunches
5 v-ups
5e jackknives
:05 hollow hold
Rest :30 between rounds

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