WOD – Thursday 6/22

Today is our first session of PortWork, the am class is full, but there are still a few spots in the 5:15. The goal of this specialty program is to build a better aerobic engine and increase your work capacity through a better understanding of your pacing, breathing, and recovery. We’ll use all specific and measurable pieces to ensure that improvements are specific to the aerobic energy system, not the adaptation of the body and improving movements and efficiency like in pull-ups or cleans. If you are interested and want to come check it out, shoot me or Sophie an email.


Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 or 3 rounds
5 false grip ring rows or ring pull-ups
10 HS shoulder taps or plank shoulder taps
10 KB RDL’s
10 KB goblet squats

PVC partner shoulder stretch
Pigeon and spiderman
Anything else you might need – banded shoulder, couch, etc.

Warm up the thruster for the WOD.
Build up past what you plan on using in the workout but stay in all sets of 3.

“Free Trial”
With a partner, complete 20 rounds total. So when P1 is going, P2 rests. Switch.
1 min AMRAP
3 thrusters (185/135#)(155/105#)
50m shuttle run (25 down/25 back)
Max C2B in time remaining
Partner day, longer workout day, heavy day all wrapped into one. This is a version of a mainsite WOD. Score is how many pull-ups you and your partner accumulate. You get a full minute rest, so push these. Thursters are and should be very, very heavy. Like soul crushing heavy.

Cool Down
5 minutes with a lax ball on the shoulders

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