WOD – Thursday 8/23

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, PVC mobility
The Port Snatch Warm-up w/emphasis on the squat

10 min squat snatch EMOM
Min 1 through min 5 – 2 reps, not TnG
Min 6 through min 10 – 1 rep
Start around 40% and build the entire time
This will be very hard even at the lowest amount of weight. The goal is to build the entire time with an understanding that you must complete 1 lift EMOM. This might change your approach, but come ready to make a plan. Look at your numbers and based on how you feel, attack a goal.

“Power outage”
20 min partner AMRAP
250m row
20 push-ups
P1 must do a full round before tagging P2 in
Not a tough WOD in terms of technique, however, this one will challenge everyone. Those push-ups are going to go. Break them up early and often.

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