WOD – Thursday 8/6

Watching some of the classes cheer on their classmates who were working towards finishing the workout is the reason I fell in love with CrossFit. The community aspect is what health and fitness is all about. People who are like-minded, with the same goals and priorities coming together to work for one more step in the direction of wellness. Helping each other reach true physical and mental health. Let’s make sure that stays the way we do things. No one picks up until everyone is done. I understand life is busy, but one or two minutes to show support is all I ask.

Strength in Community.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
12 deadlifts
9 hang cleans
6 S2OH
*could look to add weight every round in warm-up

Rotational drills to prep for the strength

A1. DB bench press – 4×10; AHAP
A2. BB inverted rows – 4×12; make ‘em hard
DB or possibly KB bench press. Should be heavy. Then everyone is going to do some inverted BB rows. Set the bar up on a rack somewhere and row to your chest. These can be made incredibly hard. Nothing to scoff at.

“Asking for a Friend”
22 min AMRAP
400m run, relay
20 burpee box jump overs
1 round of “DT” each (155/105#)(135/95#)
12 deadlifts + 9 hang power cleans + 6 jerks
So partner WOD will go like this. Both partners run a 400, but only one at a time. When both are back inside, you must complete 20 burpee box jump overs, total. Split them up however you’d like. Then each partner must complete 1 round of “DT” each. When the second partner is done with their last S2OH, partner 1 can begin the next run. Unlike last week, there is no strategy here, all guts.

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