WOD – Thursday 8/8

Then, 2 rounds
10 perfect kip swings
5 strict pull-ups or 10 ring rows
10 banded plank walks (left then right)
5 pike push-ups w/2 shoulder taps
10 hollow rocks

The bar muscle-up and it’s progressions

“Strength is imperative for proper form and form is imperative in demonstrating body control. For this reason we have a strength bias and promote strict movement before kipping”

Working through the basics of the bar muscle up is based in a good kip swing and understanding the transitions between the hollow and arch position. So at its very basic form, working on kipping during the skill session will help tremendously when it comes to bar muscle-ups and the workout. If you are someone who can complete the movement as Rx finding inefficiencies in your form will help you link more and more together.

If you are still working on getting your first bar muscle-up then finding a good scaling option for the workout will be really important. Today, a prerequisite must be displayed before scaling the bar muscle up as a jumping bar muscle up. 2 to 3 strict C2B and 2 to 3 strict ring dips is the right of passage to attempting a bar muscle up. If you can prove your strength, you could set up a box and do jumping bar muscle ups, or grab a band for banded bar muscle ups in the WOD.

If that prerequisite strength is something you’re still working on, start working through the spectrum of pulls; ring rows, kipping pull-up, strict pull-ups, kipping C2B, and then strict C2B. Whatever the hardest possible movement achievable is, make sure you hold yourselves accountable to picking something that is really hard. Those who are doing Rx will really be challenged, so creating the same stimulus across is the priority.

“Still Chasin’ You”
16 min AMRAP
3 bar muscle-ups
15 med ball cleans
30 DU’s
This is going to be a bunch of fun regardless of what you chose to be your substitute for BMU’s. 3 is a very attainable number, but don’t let that fool you, your going to get into 5, 6 maybe 7 rounds, meaning your are looking at 20+ bar muscle-ups. So be ready for that movement to start to go. Have a plan A and maybe a plan B.

Even if you aren’t doing bar muscle-ups, since you are picking the hardest possible scaling option, your pulls might go too. So again having another movement ready is important. 6 hard pulls and 6 hard pushes will be your sub.

Cool Down
Dealers choice

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