WOD – Thursday 8/17

3 rounds
8e OH DB reverse lunge
10 push-ups
8 strict T2B or hanging knee tucks

Sitting hamstring stretch
Plank wrist mobility

Power clean clusters – 1.1.1 (:10/2:00) x5; using 80% of 1RM.
The cluster format is my favorite way to lift. It has so many benefits given its work to rest ratio. But we can also use it as an opportunity to invest in the set-up of each lift. It’s essentially a set of three but with an opportunity to drop the bar, regain composure, focus on the set-up and complete another perfect lift. Work up to 80% and begin your cluster work there. Rest :10 between each rep and 2:00 between each set. Since the weight isn’t a max load, demand perfection.

“Loaded Question”
Partner WOD
18 min AMRAP
12 deadlifts (185/125#)(165/110#)
6 burpees
3 power cleans
Partner 1 does a full round and tags partner 2 in.

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