WOD – Thursday 8/31

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 med ball cleans
10 wall balls
10 med ball sit-ups

Hamstring mobility

Weightlifting complex – 1 clean pull + 2 squat clean
*perform at least 6 sets of the complex with a challenging weight.
Let’s make sure we understand what a clean pull is. The movement spotlight and movement video for the week. The clean pull is used to really focus on a strong first and second pull. Make sure you are hitting a solid hang position. Pulling the bar into your hips, then driving through an explosive triple extension.

“Holy Smokes”
6 rounds
With a partner…
600m run
20/15 cals on AB
2 power cleans (225/155#)(185/105#)
P1 runs a 600m run while P2 accumulates cals on bike, once he/she has reached 20/15 they get off and complete the power cleans. They can rest now until P1 finished the run. P1 must start on the bike for P2 to begin their run. Any burpees completed by the resting partner takes :01 off the total time. One round is completed when the run, the bike, and power cleans are finished by the appropriate partners.

Cool Down
Banded hamstring
50 push-ups

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