WOD – Thursday 9/13

A couple of announcements, try to read through the whole thing. I promise I am not just talking to talk.
1. The hike is this Saturday. It is going to be beautiful out and should prove to be an awesome day on the mountain. If you are interested but haven’t signed up yet, please let a coach know so we can email you the information.
2. LumberJack is quickly approaching. If you are interested, want a t-shirt and food, you must sign up ASAP.
3. PortBurn is coming. It is going to be absolute fire. Pun intended. If you haven’t signed up yet, there are a few spots left in a few of the days. Please email info@crossfitportsmouth.com if you want to reserve your ticket to sweatville.
4. September is goal month. Get your goal on the board. Something you can accomplish in the 3 weeks left in September.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
:20 HS hold
20t shoulder taps with 10 push-ups
10 hollow rocks

Rotational drills to warm up the shoulders

Skill session
The HS and HSPU
Think about the set up of a regular push-up. When you at the bottom, where are your hands and where is your head? When you execute a push-up, where do the elbows go? How might these factors apply to a HSPU?

“Go ahead run”
30 min AMRAP…
Box jump overs (24/20”)
RKBS (70/53#)(53/35#)
10 HSPU’s and 200m run after every round, each
This one will be tough, and it is only going to get harder as the clock keeps counting up. Everybody is jumping for the jump overs, KBS are Russian so feel free to go a bit heavier. And then both partners must complete 10 HSPU’s and a 200m run each after every round. But 1:1. Partner 1 does their 10 HSPU’s and then partner 2 does theirs. Partner 1 then runs their 200m run and then partner 2 does theirs. When both partners are back in the gym, they can begin the next round of the BJO’s and RKBS.

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