WOD – Thursday 9/19

2 or 3 rounds
200m run
200m row
10 cal AB
:30 wall sit

Quick group mobility session

Weighted pull-ups – 6×4; building to a heavy 4
Last time we tested weighted pull-ups we found a 3RM, hitting that same number or just slightly less than that number for 1 more rep would be the goal. So look back and see what that means for you. If weighted pull-ups are not possible yet. Strict pull-up work or even some banded pull-up work should be substituted. Again, looking back to what you used before as as scaling option and mixing it up will help you get closer to your goals.

“Is this forever?”
100/80 cals AB
150 wall balls
100/80 cals row
50 devils press
You and a buddy have some work to do. Split it up however you want but only one person working at a time. Before you start the WOD, get some prep time in on those devils presses, because that is exactly what they are, the devil. Understand the movement and find a weight that will be hard for sets of 3 to 5.

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