WOD – Thursday 9/7

Remember, our next session of Olympic lifting class, PortWeights, is starting next Thursday, September 14th. There will be both an 8am and 5:15 session which will have two different tracks. The first will be a very instructional class devoted to improving your clean, jerk and snatch. Each class will include a whiteboard session, a warm-up and then 20 to 30 minutes of drills built to help break down the movements and learn the intricacies of Olympic lifting.

The second track, for those that have completed the first, will be able to come in and warm-up on their own and then complete a program written especially for that class under the watchful eye of a coach. Accessory drills will be videoed and reviewed each class in an attempt to work on weaknesses and clean up technique.

If you are interested, spots are filling up, email Sophie.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
20 sit-ups
15 OHS w/PVC
10 burpees
5 kip swings + 5 pull-ups

CFP squat mobility

A1. Box squats – 8×3 @ 65-75% of your 1RM back squat
A2. Triple broad jump – 3 bounding broad jumps for max distance
No rest between A1 and A2, rest 2:00 between sets. Only perform 1 set of the broad jumps after each set of squats.
You guys have been doing such a great job with the box squat. Please stay with it. Last week with this cycle. Broad jumps are 3 “TnG” jumps for max distance.

“Bathroom Line”
Partner WOD
24 min AMRAP
200m farmer’s carry (70/53#)
30 HSPU’s
400m run
60 sit-ups
80 DU’s
Partner WOD rules. Split reps however they want. Only one person working at a time.

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