WOD – Tuesday 1/1

Happy New Year!!!!

There are some really exciting announcements coming your way soon. Do not forget that class times are 9am, noon and 4:15 ONLY! So find an hour to come in and get your fitness on.

The first announcement is how accessory work is going to change in 2019. Each Monday I will post all of the extra work for the week which will be much more inclusive. You can pick and choose what piece to do and when to do it. Each week the work will be broken down into 5 categories.
1. A bodybuilding piece
2. A banded accessory piece
3. Added intervals based on the week
4. A gymnastics finisher
5. A core piece
Discuss with your coaches each day to see when and where you could fit these accessory pieces in. Let me know if you have any questions. Here is to 2019, the year of being more well rounded and the healthiest we’ve been!

3 rounds with (7 min cap)
10/8 cals bike, 10/8 cals row, then 10t shuttle runs (alternate each round)
2 rounds “Cindy”

Group stretch

“One foot in”
4 min AMRAP
25/20 cals row
20/15 cals AB
ME shuttle runs in time remaining
Rest 1:30, x5
Just some good old fashioned sweaty cardio. Does anyone remember the one we did a few Saturdays ago? Wall balls, cals on the bike and then max shuttle sprints in the time remaining. It was very hard. This one will be just as challenging. The overall goal of such a workout is trying to maintain the number of shuttle runs you accumulate at the end of the AMRAP. Think about this during your first few rounds, maybe take the foot off the gas pedal in order to find a pace that you can hold for all 5 rounds.

1. Bodybuilding – 3 rounds
8e to 10e KB step-ups
10 to 15 DB bench press
8e to 10e hammer curls
2. Banded work – accumulate 100 of each
Banded tricep push-downs
Banded face pulls
3. Interval work
On the bike – 2:00 moderate pace/1:00 light pace, x3
4. Gymnastics – 3 rounds, rest between as needed
:10 ring support
5 to 10 ring dips
:10 ring L-sit
5. Core piece – 4 rounds
15 to 20 GHD sit-ups
2e plate switches

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