WOD – Tuesday 1/22

Happy Birthday to the boss lady herself. If you see Sophie today, make sure you give her a huge birthday hug. She loves hugs.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
:45 bar hang
15 full KBS
:45 plank hold
10 push-ups

Shoulder mobility based on kipping

Kipping and T2B
From the ground up, work on how to kip and how that skill applies to the T2B.

“Common Questions”
1 min AMRAP
50m shuttle sprint
Max T2B with time remaining
Rest 1:00, x10
Slightly longer WOD time for us but doesn’t translate into a long work time. 20 minute WOD but only 10 minutes of actual work. So push each round pretty hard, but more importantly, try to hold a consistent number of T2B. Find a number and stick with it. Today is a good example of hold yourself accountable to a movement that fits your ability level. Do not complete T2B if you must kip twice to bring your toes to the bar. Bring your legs up as high as possible while maintaining a good rhythm in your kip. The shuttle sprints will be inside with 10m increments measured out, completing 5 lengths before moving on.

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